Shop Floor Picking APP

Empower our employees real-time control of all information and operations at their fingertips

Enable seamless management of inventory, supply chain, stock enquiries, and label printing get the work done where it happens

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Shop Floor Picking APP

Picking App is a game-changer for your employees. With our built-in feature, your team gains access to a real-time and user-friendly APP, simplifying operations and enhancing control like never before.

Our Shop Floor APP is a Progressive Web APP (PWA), meaning it can be conveniently accessed from any device, be it a computer, tablet, smartphone, or picking device. No downloads or installations required.

Stay connected to the StoresAce Cloud, ensuring real-time updates and seamless data transmission. Even in offline mode, rest assured that all information is captured and automatically synced once network connectivity is restored. Experience enhanced productivity and efficiency with the Shop Floor Picking APP by StoresAce.

  • Orders
  • Delivery
  • Transfers
  • Internal Orders
  • Production
  • Inventory
  • PLU Listing & Info
  • Stock Enquiry
  • Price Check & Changes
  • Margins/FnB Cost Control
  • Label Printing
  • HACCP Control

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