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Define your sales objectives and control your stores' daily performance and growth

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Budget Planning & Forecast

Take more from your employees! Define your daily sales objectives per Store, or just set a growth percent target, StoresAce budgets feature will tell you and your employees at any time, how much is left to reach the goal!

From historical analysis and graphical budgets tracking, easily check which stores, groups or brands are ahead of below the target. From individual or all stores daily analysis, to monthly and year values comparison with a calendar view, you will be able to track what is your current performance growth, when comparing to some last year reference period, to the year to date, or even to the same Week Day of the Year.

  • Historic analysis for budget definition
  • Per year, month, day or period
  • By store, brand or global
  • Suggestion by expected growth
  • Manual or automatic
  • Excel import & export
  • Easy budgets tracking
  • Visual performance indicators
  • Complete drill down
  • Comparison over previous years & periods
  • Year to date and month to date
  • Same week day of the year comparison

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