Business Roles


Gain total control of your business and grow with StoresAce comprehensive solutions. Reduce risks, expand faster and manage your business securely and successfully. Our software solutions will help you:

  • Get control over your business
  • Reduce risks, as the business is driven by procedures and KPIs rather than core people
  • Oversee the whole value chain
  • Grow your business faster
  • Manage your business wherever you are, as our software solutions are cloud-enabled
  • React to change nimbly and gain a competitive edge


Analyze and understand your business data with one consolidated view of information. Gain an in-depth view of all aspects of your whole operation, including stores, inventory, basket size and financials analysis. Gain in-depth business intelligence as our software solutions will provide you with:

  • Total visibility of all transactions from POS to accounting
  • Stock management
  • Total control over PO vs Delivery vs Purchase Invoice
  • Reports on store performance
  • Sales reports and statistics
  • Basket and profit & loss analysis
  • Cash Management and Bank consolidation
  • Reduced system management costs