Advanced Analytics

Keep all of your activities key indicators at your fingertips in real-time and focus on decision-making.

We offer a complete suite comprised of business KPIs and a set of operational reports, as well as analytical tools and dashboards that cover all business processes: Sourcing and Supply, Sales and Omnichannel, Stock and Margins or, Financials.

Have an instant overview of your business, analyze your sales data and decide the optimal strategy for your operations with our in-depth reports and analyses. Reduce shrinkage and prevent losses by gaining real-time insights into your business’s key financials. And since StoresAce is a web product d, you will be able to access your business data whenever you need it, wherever you are via your browser.

Predictive Sales Analytics with Machine Learning

What is your single biggest opportunity to improve profit this week/month? Which products are the 10 top sellers that are most likely to go out of stock before your next re-order? Which items in each of your stores have the biggest impact on sales of other products? Which are the products with higher margin or is more popular?

With our powerfull Machine Learning Algorithms, have all the right answers and much more. You will be able to understand where customers are making purchases, identify trends and invest resources where they’ll have the most impact.