Inventory Control

Not enough stock and you lose out on sales and customers. Too much stock and your cash is tied up in excess inventory. StoresAce helps you to strike that perfect balance.
Check the Product Details page where you can know everything about your products at a glance. You can see your product’s picture, locations, costs, markup, and quantity on hand.
There are options to set a barcode, reorder point, and units of measure. Also see vendors, movement and order history. Even add your own custom information too!

Harness the benefits of centralized stock management and gain a real-time view of your inventory to guarantee product availability and capture every sales opportunity.

Whether in transit, or on hold in a store, your stock statuses are instantly updated, giving you a network-wide control of omnichannel inventory, so you can easily move product to another store, channel or location, based on demand.

Movement tracking

Each stock taking, interstore transfer, and inventory adjustment operation are automatically logged thanks to a centralized and mobile application. This simplifies tracking and offers a global overview of inventory status at headquarters and in-store.

Stock rotation optimization

Whether in the allocation or replenishment phase, our solution allows you to optimize inventory and restocking according to customer demand, minimizing stock shortage and overstocking to maximize full price sales and increase the profitability of all your product range.

StoresAce’s merchandising and replenishment functionalities help retailers save time and money by streamlining their inventory. The inventory feature allows for both automatic replenishment, including forecasting based on sales history, and manual replenishment with allocation planning for multiple stock locations.
The mobile inventory feature means that you can carry out all your store inventory processes on handheld devices, and your staff has live access to inventory online at any time.

Manual replenishment with allocation planning

StoresAce is a powerful tool to prepare a season, preplan purchasing and decide how to distribute retail items. It supports the buyer in:

  • Planning the buying process
  • Allocating to stores and customers
  • Planning buffer quantity

The system allows for manual replenishment of stock. For instance, retailers can decide for manual replenishment methods in cases when they want to push specific stock to stores or franchise partners.

Allocation can be managed in two different ways. With the distributed allocation method, total quantity of items is decided and calculated down to each store. The defined allocation method allows users to define pattern quantities for each distribution group, for instance size and color combinations. The allocation plan functionality can then automatically manage purchasing, transferring and sales orders according to the plan.

Automatic replenishment including forecasting

Use StoresAce to automatize basic replenishment tasks. The system’s automatic replenishment function supports 2 methods for calculating the quantities to reorder for stores and/or warehouses.

The replenishment module simplifies item distribution and planning, lowers item stock cost and provides a higher level of item availability in all of your warehouses and stores.
The system offers multiple classes of forecasting methods to catch all types of trends in sales history, including seasonality, holidays and annual events. The software solution also calculates safety stock levels basing on variations in sales, to achieve optimal inventory levels.

Complete Records

Record everything you need to know about your merchandise in our inventory tracking software.
Group items by category and sub category, assign multiple vendors, units, and barcodes to each item. Search your inventory from anywhere in StoresAce so that information is always at your fingertips. StoresAce inventory management software offers a complete set of inventory management capabilities that ultimately improve the flow of your business.

Physical Count

Count your items and track variances with a complete physical inventory system. Freeze specific items, categories, or locations and count part of your inventory while operations continue in other areas.
Enter countings manually or import them from handheld scanners, including mobile devices running Operations and Picking App.