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StoresAce has been gaining widespread attention in multiple media, garnering significant recognition and relevance to the subjects that fall under the purview of StoresAce. As a result, we proudly share a selection of press releases, articles, and interviews to keep our audience well-informed and engaged.

Press Release

El Nacional

If you have a retail or hospitality business, summer is an optimal time to start managing data.
04/07/23 - Spain

Retail Actual

How to use artificial intelligence for business management
20/06/23 - Spain


Five tips for managing restaurant data in the summertimea
26/05/23 - Spain

Murcia.com/ Empresas

StoresAce grows in Spain with the management of more than 1,000 restaurants
03/05/23 - Spain

Mercado Financeiro

StoresAce consolidates retail and foodservice growth in Spain
13/10/22 - Spain



From the table to the cloud: the role of technology in foodservice
19/05/23 - Spain

Tek Sapo

Data security - from problem to solution
11/05/23 - Portugal

Store Magazine

A renewed look at retail
16/03/23 - Portugal

Exame Informática

Security, efficiency and profitability? Software as a Service could be the answer
24/01/23 - Portugal

IT Insight

Data-driven culture at the heart of strategy?
18/11/22 - Portugal

Executive Digest

Technological innovation: present or future?
27/10/22 - Portugal


Creative News

Interview with Sérgio Rodrigues, CEO of StoresAce
02/05/23 - Portugal<


Ivo Marinho: "It's always better to choose a path rather than stay stagnant"
21/03/23 - Portugal


StoresAce expects to triple turnover by 2023
10/02/23 - Portugal

E-Commerce News

StoresAce is a fully customizable platform both during this festive season and at any other time when there are sales peaks
22/12/22 - Portugal

TSF: Negócios e Empresas

Sérgio Rodrigues interviewed by TSF - Radio Notícias
29/11/22 - Portugal

IT Insight

Multi-store management platform accelerates retail future
24/09/22 - Portugal


StoresAce: how the Portuguese tech startup is conquering the retail giants
19/09/22 - Portugal

Tek Sapo

Portuguese StoresAce advances in internationalization and prepares funding round
17/06/22 - Portugal

Link to Leaders

"We want to shop without leaving home, not be limited to the schedules or dependent on others"
15/06/22 - Portugal

Dinheiro Vivo

StoresAce expands to Spain and Belgium
22/05/22 - Portugal