What is StoresAce

StoresAce is an Online BackOffice & Portal to manage stores networks seamlessly, anytime and anywhere.

Our team has many years of experience in Retail and Hospitality management. We identified the nowadays problem about the lack of mobility, real time and specialized management solutions for this market management. Existing customized applications are often highly complex, inefective and very expensive. Most of desktop applications are being deprecated, while we notice the fast growing and the widely acceptance of Online Cloud based solutions.

With StoresAce, we offer a complete Omnichannel Cloud solution that will level up your current business management. It has everything you need to manage an entire network and boost all your stores' performance and profitability, while exploring live all metrics and innovative key indicators in a fast and simple way. We connect POS solutions to our larger mainframe software, providing extra operational functionality for the majority of the stakeholders. We target to keep the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low so you can always have your business controlled.

StoresAce is able to manage all types of Business-to-Consumer stores, from Hospitality to Retail, you will find all the specific features needed:

  • Real Time Sales monitoring
  • Products and Sales Prices configuration
  • Recipes for Food and Beverage
  • Colors and Sizes for Clothing
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Food Safety control (HACCP)
  • Customers Loyalty Campaigns
  • HR and Daily Schedules
  • F&B Costs, Profitability and Rentability
  • Real Time Inventory valuation
  • Supply Chain control with orders suggestions
  • Budget planning and control
  • Cash Flow management
  • Accounting Documents Conference
  • Labels Printing
  • POS Configuration
  • Extensive Reporting and KPIs
  • ERP & E-Commerce Integration

We can connect to any Point of Sale (POS) and ERP Systems in real time and trough a single place in our Cloud.
It's activated with a fixed monthly subscription fee (SaaS) and so it doesn't require any additional servers or complex installations costs.

It can be accessed anytime and anywhere through multiple devices, like computer, tablet and smartphone. Your data is kept securely in our advanced Cloud System, so you no longer need to worry about backups, upgrades, maintenance, failures or security problems anymore.