What is StoresAce

StoresAce is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that seamlessly manages store networks, offering convenience and accessibility from any location and device.

Our team has extensive experience in Retail and Hospitality management and recognized the need for a modern, real-time management solution tailored to the specific challenges of these industries. Traditional desktop applications are becoming obsolete, and we saw the increasing demand for online cloud-based solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective. With StoresAce, we provide an all-in-one Omnichannel Cloud solution that elevates your business management to new heights. Our platform empowers you to efficiently manage your entire store network, enhance performance, and increase profitability.

You can effortlessly access live metrics and innovative key indicators, enabling fast and simple analysis. We seamlessly integrate POS solutions into our mainframe software, offering enhanced operational functionality for all stakeholders. Our focus is to keep the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low, ensuring you maintain full control of your business.

StoresAce is designed to accommodate various business types, including Hospitality and Retail, and offers a wide range of specific features such as:

  • Real Time Sales monitoring
  • Products and Sales Prices configuration
  • Food and Beverage Recipes
  • Clothing attributes (colors and sizes)
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Food Safety control (HACCP)
  • Customers Loyalty Campaigns
  • HR and Daily Schedules
  • F&B Costs, Profitability and Rentability
  • Real Time Inventory valuation
  • Supply Chain control with orders suggestions
  • Budget planning and control
  • Cash Flow management
  • Accounting Document Reconciliation
  • Labels Printing
  • POS Configuration
  • Extensive Reporting and KPIs
  • ERP & E-Commerce Integration

Our platform enables real-time connectivity with any Point of Sale (POS) and ERP systems through our cloud infrastructure. With a fixed monthly subscription fee (SaaS), StoresAce eliminates the need for additional servers and complex installations.

You can access StoresAce anytime and anywhere using multiple devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Your data is securely stored in our advanced Cloud System, eliminating the need for backups, upgrades, maintenance, and security concerns.

Take full control of your operations, from product creation to omnichannel distribution, and experience the benefits of shortened cycles and improved collaboration. StoresAce helps you anticipate needs and supplies, ensuring the right products are available in the right quantities at the right time and through the right channels. Maximize profits by simulating and optimizing inventory allocation, minimizing overstocks and disruptions.

StoresAce is a comprehensive software solution that enhances staff performance, improves customer service, and drives sales and loyalty. With advanced inventory management, mobile-friendly processes, and customizable shelf label management, you can effectively manage staff, ensure product availability, and reduce stock-outs. For chain stores, StoresAce offers centralized control over products, prices, promotions, and inventory, enabling optimal allocation, performance measurement, and campaign management. With user-friendly staff management tools and powerful back-office functionalities, you can monitor key performance indicators, make data-driven decisions, and maintain control over store activities.