At StoresAce, security is our highest concern.

We use the most advanced secure networks and infrastructures, trusted by the most security-sensitive organizations. Our data is safely stored on Amazon AWS, an highly trusted and scalable infrastructure, used by millions of companies all the world.

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We store all information on AWS Aurora Cloud Database, which is up to five times faster than standard MySQL databases. It is fully managed by Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), which automates tasks like hardware provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection and repair.

Aurora features a distributed, fault-tolerant, self-healing storage system that auto-scales up to 64TB per database instance. Aurora delivers high performance and availability with up to 15 low-latency read replicas, point-in-time recovery, continuous backup to Amazon S3, and replication across three Availability Zones. It continuously backs up all data, and transparently recovers from any physical storage failure. We can also backtrack within seconds to a previous point in time recovery.

Amazon Aurora provides multiple levels of security. These include network isolation using Amazon VPC, encryption at rest using keys you create and control through AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and encryption of data in transit using SSL. On an encrypted Amazon Aurora instance, data in the underlying storage is encrypted, as are the automated backups, snapshots, and replicas in the same cluster.

With Amazon AWS, we can provide a tremendously fast and secure StoresAce platform, while improving reliabily and availability, and reducing cost at the same time. Despite the size of your information, it was built to operate at very large scale, with high throughput, massive storage scalability and high availability.