This Web Service returns the full list of Suppliers Purchases Movements, including all details, in a JSON array format.

It ouputs all fields and their corresponding value and contains full Purchases Movements Details, like nature, total price, tax values, supplier identification, shipping details, date and time, products quantities and prices details.

The Purchases Movements creation are available to upload initial history movements. After initial process, all purchases must be registered directly on StoresAce, to provide a centralized purchases registry to all stores, and a central and real time inventory control over all stores.

Note: To retrieve purchases movements over API, the Financials HO Integration module must be active.

Bellow is a description list of some main fields you may get and post to this method:

InvoiceNoPurchase Document Number
StoreIdStore belonging to current transaction.
SupplierIdSupplier Code Indentification
TransDocumentPurchase Document Type
PaymentTermsPayment Terms Description
TotalNetAmountTotal Net amount of all details
TotalGrossAmountTotal Final Amount with Taxes
BuyTransactionDetailsArray with all products details. See description table bellow

The following table lists a description of the BuyTransactionDetails array list:

ItemIdProduct Code
QuantityQuantity sold
UnitOfSaleIdUnit Identification Code
UnitPriceProduct Price per unit
TotalNetAmountTotal line Net amount
TaxPercentageTax Applied
TotalTaxIncludedAmountTotal Price with Taxes included

Search Arguments

To apply filters or search criteria over all purchases movements, the GET request type can receive the following arguments:

storeStore Code to filter only Purchases Movements created on this store
TaxRegistrationNumberCompany Tax Number to filter Purchases Movements created on all stores belonging to the Company

HeadOffice Daily Resume

For the comunication of purchases with any ERP software, there is an additional method that sends every purchase document with the sum of details grouped by product and tax type.

For more information about ERP comunication services, access the following Root page: