This Web Service returns the entire list of products, in a JSON array format.

It ouputs all fields and their corresponding value. You may pass the argument ?store= to filter only products available on a specific store.
Some field values may change depending on the store passes as argument. For example, if the product is inactive or was deleted on a specific store, the "Status" field will be 0, while on active stores will be 1. Also the sale price may vary depending on store and also on currently defined daily price.

Bellow is a description list of some main fields you may get and post to this method:

ItemIdProduct Code
StatusIdentifies if the product is active or deleted
0: for inactive, 1: for active
ItemDescriptionProduct full name
FamilyIdFamily Code which the product belongs
DefaultUnitsDefault Units for Stock, Selling or Buy
BarcodeListProduct Barcodes List (Multiple Barcodes are permitted)
ReadQuantityFromScaleInforms if product should read quantity from a scale
ItemTaxProduct Default Selling Tax Type
ItemSupplierListFull list of Suppliers Cardex for current product
ColorListProduct Colors List
SizeListProduct Sizes List
SalesPricesList of defined sales prices for current Store (multiple)

Please note that a specific Sales Prices Web Service is also available to return or save only prices definitions and changes

Specific features like Recipes or F&B Menus are also available on different Web Services Methods.